A Review of ResMed Mirage Micro Nasal CPAP Mask

A Review of ResMed Mirage Micro Nasal CPAP Mask

After undergoing a sleep study and being given the official diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea, a lot of individuals will start looking for further information on the condition. 

They will want to know how obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) affects them, what they can do to prevent the short-term and long-term adverse effects, and most critically, how their lives will be changed by the sleep therapy that they are receiving.

This is exactly why Air Liquide Healthcare present you with reviews of various CPAP equipment, with informative articles, and our approach to catering to the specific requirements of each patients is the best. A CPAP mask wearer who is well-informed has a greater chance of being effective with the CPAP therapy.

This is article an evaluation of a nasal CPAP mask, this time we are focusing on one that is manufactured by ResMed and called the Mirage Micro nasal mask.

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Specifications for the Mirage Micro Nasal Mask

In order to provide you with a suggestion that is based on accurate information, your physician will need to be aware of the characteristics of each mask. There is a wide range of parameters that can be met by the various kinds of masks. The following is a list of the Mirage Micro’s technical characteristics and features.

This nasal CPAP mask includes the following features:

  • The therapeutic pressure ranges between 4 and 20 centimetres of water
  • The operational humidity range is between 15 and 95 percent.
  • Operating temperatures between 41 to 104 degrees F (5-40 degrees C)
  • Dimensions 140mm’ (H) x 91mm (W) x 93mm (D)
  • The empty volume of the CPAP mask from the beginning of the swivel to the end is referred to as dead space.
  • The CPAP mask’s service life is affected by factors such as how well it is cared for, how frequently it is used, how well it is maintained, and the characteristics of the environment in which it is used and stored.
  • The Mirage Swift II has a total volume of 128 millilitres of dead space.

When it comes to the production of their CPAP masks, ResMed does not make use of any potentially harmful components. It can be thrown out with the rest of your regular garbage at the end of the day. It is also important to mention that it should be kept in a dark, dry, and cool location away from the exposure of direct sunlight.

The Advantages of using the Mirage Micro Nasal Mask

  • Versatility: The wearer of this nasal mask can adjust it to one of twenty-four distinct positions. Because there is such a diverse range of choices, there is something that will appeal to each individual. Patients have the ability to adjust the fit of this mask so that they have the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.
  • It contains a Microfit dial that allows for fine-tuning changes so that it can cater to the preferences of each user.
  • It’s incredibly silent. The CPAP mask you’re using has a vent that directs air away from you and your bed mate.
  • It allows for greater freedom of vision. While you are protecting your face with a mask, you can do things like read a book, watch television, or even wear glasses. This CPAP mask is designed to accommodate you, even if you are the type of person who likes to read in bed or watch television right before going to sleep.


Every mask has the possibility of causing problems. As a patient, you could feel frustrated whenever one of these problems arises. Knowing how to correct problems as they occur is a good method to ensure that your continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask is operating as effectively as possible.

If you have a poor seal or one that is uncomfortable

Check to see if the CPAP mask fits properly. The proper fitting and modifications are typically the answers to problems with masks that are uncomfortable or do not seal properly. Follow the directions to ensure that your CPAP mask is properly fitted, and keep in mind that it should be held firmly against your face without applying any pressure. A useful hint is that it ought to have the snugness of yoga trousers.

During the assembling process, the cushion may get crooked. Make sure the cushion is okay. Check to see that it is installed appropriately and in accordance with the instructions. A poor seal might also be caused by the positioning of the cushion. Creases in the cushion will result in air leaking out of the cushion.

Ensure that your pillow is clean. Contaminated cushions might lead to poor seals or a seal that is uncomfortable. You should clean your cushion in accordance with the instructions provided.

If the problem persists despite your attempts to remedy it, the problem may lie in the size of the cushion. Have a discussion about getting the correct sizing with the provider of your sleep medicine or the DME technician.

Noisy Mask

If you find that your mask has become noisier or that the amount of noise has changed, there may be a problem with the construction of the mask. Take apart your mask, and then put it back together again while following the included instructions.

When you use your CPAP mask, an additional level of noise may result from a blocked vent. Utilizing a brush with softer bristles, thoroughly clean the vents.


It is going to be uncomfortable when the dial is inserted into the mask before the mask frame before the forehead support. This is an easy problem to solve. You will need to take apart your CPAP mask and then reassemble it according to the instructions.


Feel free to contact Air Liquide Healthcare if you have any more questions or concerns concerning the Mirage Micro CPAP masks or any other subject linked to sleep, and we would be happy to assist you. In order to provide the most efficient and reliable form of sleep therapy possible.